Using WSC for Market Research

Web Survey Creator contains all the powerful features market research professionals expect, together with some that may be a pleasant surprise...

... it's easy to use and reasonably priced.
Surveys for use in Market Research have a level of sophistication and polish that is rarely required by other surveys. The ability to manipulate survey content, manage complex survey flow, and provide a visually appealing and engaging survey experience is critical for these surveys.

Web Survey Creator has specific market research versions that go well beyond basic survey tools to provide everything you need to create these advanced market research surveys.
"We run multiple market research surveys every week to thousands of respondents. We rely on
Dipolar's market research software for our entire Web-based survey business, and no other
software package could come close to the value they provide for our business."
Chris Mawn
Co-founder & Director

Key features of WSC for Market Research

The Market Research features of Web Survey Creator extend the functionality of the software beyond the capabilities of the basic product. Below is a list of the key features of Web Survey Creator for market research. If you want to have a discussion about the full feature list please contact us - we'd love to provide you with further information.
Survey Design
Choice Images Choice items can be shown as images rather than text. For an example, see the sample survey.
Choice Metadata Choices are more than simply a piece of text or an image. Using "metadata" you can store a large amount of information on each choice for use in the survey through data piping. For an example, see the sample survey.
Survey Scripting Scripting provides an extremely powerful and flexible method to manage survey content using industry-standard javascript scripting. For full details, see our scripting manual.
Choice Linking Choice linking makes it possible to show choices in a particular question based upon choices in other questions. For an example, see the tutorial video.
Advanced Question Types Advanced Question types available in Web Survey Creator for market research surveys include comparison questions, best/worst questions, hierarchical questions, ranking questions, slider grids, breakdown sliders, card sorts, rating statements and advanced video questions. For an example, see the sample survey.
Response Management
Advanced Quota Management Features of quota management in Web Survey Creator include a powerful rule creator, overflow and priority quota settings, quota recalculation (for new or changed quotas during a survey) and a detailed quota log explaining calculations on a response-by-response basis. For further details, see the tutorial video.
Terminate Pages Terminate pages are a powerful way to manage how respondents end their surveys. Quota-outs, screen-outs and links to external panels are all managed through WSC's terminate page system. For further details, see the tutorial video.
Other Features
Integrated CATI Module "Mixed Mode" interviewing is a very important method of data collection that balances the benefits of telephone interviewing (CATI) and Web Surveys (CAWI). Out integrated CATI module is the most modern, powerful and flexible "mixed mode" interviewing solution available. For further details, see the CATI page.
On Premise Version While individual MR professionals and small MR companies can use our fully hosted version of Web Survey Creator, we understand that large organisation want their "own" software. Our "On Premise" version allows these organizations to have their own implementation of WSC - on their own intranet, or hosted by us.