Cloud based web surveys for any purpose!

Web surveys, CATI surveys, 360° feedback surveys, online surveys, on tablets and mobiles, send out invitations and reminders, analyse the responses, create portals, pivot tables, export data for business intelligence platforms, save time and money!

Web Surveys on Mobiles "Just Work" And Look Great!

Design surveys for regular browsers without having to worry about how the survey will work on mobiles and tablets. They just work automatically! Every survey created by Web Survey Creator is viewable and fully functional on a mobile device so there is simply nothing more to do.

Smartphone surveys have never looked so good!

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Mobile Web Surveys

Standard Survey Questions Types for every type of Question

Take a look at all the basic question types we have available in the non Market Research versions of Web Survey Creator. This is a perfect way to understand the key features of Web Survey Creator.

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Standard Web Survey Question Types

True Market Research Power When You Need It

Surveys for use in Market Research have a level of sophistication and polish that is rarely required by other surveys. The ability to manipulate survey content, manage complex survey flow, and provide a visually appealing and engaging survey experience is critical for these surveys. Scripting and powerful, mobile-friendly question types are just the beginning.

Professional Reports and Charts can be shown in a Portal to stakeholders

So, you've created a great survey using all of Web Survey Creator's advanced tools, and collected your responses... what's next? No survey process is complete without high quality reporting. Reports and charts can be viewed, printed or downloaded from your own Web portal!

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Professional Web Survey Reporting

Multilingual Survey, not Multiple Survey!

Create your surveys in multiple languages. You only need to translate your content. All standard message text, validations and onscreen controls are translated for you for most major languages.

Integrates with Google Translate for rapid automated translations. Export and Import Translations via Excel Spreadsheets for management of translations by translators.

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Multilingual Survey, not Multiple Survey!

Get your data into Business Intelligence platforms quick and easily

Market Researchers using Business Intelligence Platforms, such as Power BI ®, to assist their stakeholders with survey analysis can target their data exports for use in Business Intelligence platforms. Simply use the Business Intelligence Platform Export when creating exports from your surveys.

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Export to Business Intelligence

Pivot Tables for building dynamic cross-tabulations and ad-hoc data analysis

Need to show your data in a flexible way, with cross-tabulation tables, charts, heatmaps and more? Need to be able to export those results to Excel? Need to filter your data and allow your stakeholders play with the results and show the data in the way that suits them in your portals? Pivot Tables do that and much more,

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Pivot Tables

Text Analytics. Turn comments into actionable insights

Today's surveys are complex and filled with open-ended comments. WebSurveyCreator now allows you to take these customer feedback comments and turn them into in-depth insights.

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Text Analytics

Advanced CATI Module for "Mixed Mode" Surveys

Add our CATI module for a true cloud-based "mixed mode" survey system! By adding the CATI module to Web Survey Creator you can perform complete "mixed-mode" interviewing from one fully integrated system.

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Advanced CATI Mixed Mode Surveys

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a calculation that can be used to ascertain how loyal your customers are to your business. NPS can be automatically calculated and shown in overview statistics as a score and either a Donut Chart or Time Series of the NPS.

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Net Promoter Score

360° Feedback Surveys. You manage the entire process. Quickly. Simply.

Employee performance and productivity can be improved through the use of 360° Feedback Surveys. You take control - no requirement for external consultants, saving money and improving your level of control. Full access to the data. Flexible Reporting. No hidden costs.

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360 Degree Feedback

Hot Spots and Heat Maps

Hot Spots and Heat Maps are used to collect information from respondents of their reactions to an image. For example, you might have an advertisement or any image that you are looking to gain feedback on. You can allow your respondents click on areas of the image and drop markers (Hot Spots Markers) to identify their points of interest.

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Heat Maps

Lights. Camera. Action.
Rate Me!

Have a Video you want to get "real-time" feedback on? Now you can use your Vimeo ® videos and have your participants rate the video.

All ratings are captured with time encoded data for precise ratings.

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Video Rating, Vimeo Rating

Got just 60 Seconds?

Get familiar with WSC in 60 seconds by watching our introductory video. Once you have seen what we do,
sign up for free and try it for yourself. If you want to know more, check out these other videos.

Over 60 professionally designed free survey templates

When you create a survey, you can choose from over 60 Free templates in areas including customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, training and education.

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Workgroups, Teams, Organisations? Collaboration Tools!

If you work in a company department, or any other group that work together on surveys, our collaboration tools make it easy to share the workload.

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Our business customers

Dipolar's products and services have been used by many well known brands for over 20 years.

  • Westpac
  • Ricoh
  • Coles Group
  • Pepsico
  • Oracle
  • Lend Lease
  • P&G
  • Siemens
  • Verizon
  • Wells Fargo
  • Defence Australia
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • AGL
  • 3M
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • AFL

What our Customers are saying…

D&M Research has had a relationship with the team at Dipolar for over a decade now and was one of the first agencies using WSC. WSC is an excellent product which provides us with the ability to deliver our research offering to the highest possible standard both from a client and a respondent perspective.

Interactive and engaging question types, device agnostic formats, and serious ‘under the bonnet’ features makes WSC a keystone of our agency. The team provide the excellent support I have become used to as a long-term client of Dipolar, together with advanced capabilities at a price-point which is unmatched in the Market Research space.

I wholeheartedly recommend the WSC product and the team at Dipolar.
image description Derek Jones, Managing Director
D & M Research
I have been using the Enterprise version of WSC since 2012 to develop both internal and external surveys for my department. The software is both reliable and affordable, and is upgraded regularly. It has all the features you would expect of survey software and Dipolar’s customer service is exceptional. The staff are friendly and respond quickly to all enquiries. I highly recommend WSC to other organisations. Candace Driscoll – WSC user
Department of Human Services
I re-activated my paid subscription to WSC the other day as I needed to launch a survey quickly and my current survey product was impossible to work with – their response template wouldn't work properly with javascript work arounds I needed to make the questions display properly on mobiles. It was such a pleasure to use WSC again and not have to use manual scripts for such basic things as pegging choice question options or adding comment boxes to grid questions. I am particularly impressed that you have now added the functionality to do survey flow within the same page so I can have an other specify in a drop-down list and then make a text box appear if selected - nice work!. Christy Arnott – Consultant
ASDF Research

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