Over 60 professionally designed free survey templates that look like a million bucks.

Our templates are created by professionals with more than 10 years experience in survey design using our class-leading survey design tool - Web Survey Creator.

Market Survey Template

Satisfaction Survey Template

Feedback Survey Template

Today: Free Survey Templates

All users of Web Survey Creator have access to over 60 free survey designs that can be used as a basis for their own surveys. Areas covered by these templates include customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, human resources, education surveys, training surveys and business surveys.

Tomorrow: Free Survey Form Template creation

We regularly add to our free templates, often at the request of our users. Are you in an industry that we haven't covered in our client satisfaction survey template collection perhaps, or do you have another template you would like us to create? Let us know!

Always: More than a Survey Format Template

Our templates look great, but they are more than a "pretty face". Each of our free questionnaire template designs has high quality content that will provide comprehensive and valuable feedback from responses with no additional customization.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template Designs

We have over 15 industry-specific survey templates together with a number of general purpose template surveys.
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Employee Survey Template Designs

Employee and human resources surveys are another common type of surveys used regularly.
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Training Survey Template Designs

Our Education and Training survey templates include surveys for schools, universities and other training environments.
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Other Template Types

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"I was looking for free survey templates for word, and discovered that there is a much better way to get a template survey. I now use Web Survey Creator to edit, distribute and report all my surveys. It's quicker than using a word processor, and much easier to send to people!"
Andrew Smith